Re-domiciliation of Foreign Companies to Cyprus

With effect of 2006, an amendment has been made to the Cyprus Companies Law Chapter 113 of the Statutes Law of the Republic of Cyprus, by which:

  • Foreign companies can be re domiciled in Cyprus.
  • Cyprus registered companies can be re domiciled abroad.

A foreign company registered in a country which allows re-domiciliation and whose Memorandum and Articles of Association provide for the possibility of such re-domiciliation, may apply to the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus to be registered in Cyprus as a continuing company to the Companies Law Cap 113. This also applies to a company incorporated in Cyprus that wants to transfer to another jurisdiction. In either case the company remains registered in the country of origin whilst operating in a different jurisdiction.

Once the office of the Registrar of Companies is satisfied that the lodged documents are in accordance with the law, the Registrar certifies that the foreign company is temporarily registered as a continuing entity in Cyprus.

After the temporary registration is issued the foreign company is considered as a legal entity duly incorporated according to the laws of Cyprus and is temporarily registered in the Republic.

The foreign company must present evidence to the Registrar of Companies, within six months from the issuance of the temporary registration certificate that the company has been disallowed from a being a company registered in the country of initial incorporation.

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