Incorporation and Fiduciary Services

We are able to offer professional advice in regards to incorporation of companies, both in Cyprus and various other jurisdictions:

  • Company formation in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Provision of professional directors;
  • Provision of nominee shareholders;
  • Provision of Secretary & Secretarial Services;
  • Provision of registered address;
  • Maintaining and safekeeping the statutory records and registers of the company;
  • Appointing auditors;
  • Maintaining in safe custody the common seal of the company;
  • Preparing the minutes of the directors’ and shareholders’ meetings;
  • Calling Annual General Meetings and take Minutes of the AGMs;
  • Preparing and filing the company’s annual return;
  • Issuing and safe keeping certificates;
  • Arranging for legalisation and certification of documents;
  • Arranging for any changes in the Company’s share capital, shareholders and beneficial interest of the company;
  • Arranging for any changes in the directorship/secretariat of the Company;
  • Arranging for any changes in the Company’s Articles of Association;
  • Registering company pledges and any other charges;
  • Undertaking company searches;
  • Issuing of powers of attorney;
  • Issuing any Directors’ or Secretaries’ certificates;
  • Dissolution services.


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